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Get CPR certified today with Elite. Whether your field is child care, foster parent, health care, or education we can assist you in learning CPR, First Aid and AED for an affordable price. read more

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Elite provides a nurturing, safe and convenient driver’s ed program for Teens. We teach Teens of different ages, backgrounds, and academic abilities.    Course Dates  Apply&Pay

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  • Elite Driving Instructors are Road Test Examiner Certified by the TXPS.
  • We offer the Road Skills Test to all eligible Teen Drivers. 

  • Elite Driving Instructors are licensed by TEA to provide Teen Drivers Ed.

  • We are approved by the State of Texas, background checked and trained in the Elite Driving Education system.   

  • Our Driving Instructors are approachable and interested in meeting your family’s driving education school needs.

  • We are eager to help students become safe drivers.

  • Elite’s Director is not only a licensed Driving Instructor but also a certified Texas teacher. She has years of experience working with students of diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and personalities. She is passionate about teaching students to drive with Safe Driving techniques and empowering students with the tools to save lives.

  • It is this principle that causes Elite to not only provide driving instruction courses but also CPR certification & First Aid certification, through the American Heart Association, as well. After adding the CPR certification to their driving course the Elite student will be confident in rendering aid in the event of Emergency.

  Thank you for your interest in learning to drive with Elite Driving School! Enroll in our     course today on the Teen Drivers Ed page. 

Upload Docs Here! Permit, readiness packet or road test forms. 

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Professional Drivers education



Teens will learn to share the roadway with other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians by driving defensively, intelligently and cooperatively. Teens will be introduced to the following concepts in their Elite Teen Drivers Ed Course:


  • Teen Licensing Regulations
  • Right of Way Concepts
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Controlling Traffic Flow
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Pre-drive tasks
  • Cooperating with other roadway users
  • Protecting your Passengers
  • Symbols and Devices
  • Vehicle Operation
  • Visual Attention
  • Vehicle Maneuvers
  • Driver Readiness
  • Road Rage
  • Managing Risk
  • High Risk Environments
  • Distractions
  • Adverse Road Conditions
  • Traction Loss
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle Environmental Impact
  • Defensive Driving
  • TX road rules and signs assessment