TPST Road Tests $155

*Teens ages 16-24 & Adults 18 & up

*Test any Friday agreed upon

*Afterhours tests available


                                       Apply & Pay

Upload Docs Here! Permit, readiness packet or road test forms. 

Adult Drivers Ed
*6 hr Class                                                 *Driving Lessons
*Driving Tests
*Neo Package & Whiz Package 

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(next day Test with approval & $50 after hours fee) ​ 

*Schedule any Friday agreed upon & use our vehicle. 

*Docs must be uploaded online, approved and submitted by test day. 

*Must receive a test confirmation email from Elite Office.                                           ​

Take advantage of our new 30 minute Driving Test Prep for $75. Same day as Test in same testing vehicle.

Find out if you are ready to pass the driving test.  



Elite Teens / Adults who have attended an Elite course can take driving test Test any Friday agreed upon for $100. Call us at 281-446-2608 to schedule. 

Any agreed upon Friday - Submit all docs prior to Driving Test!

  1. Payment with Parent
  2. TX Permit
  3. Green DE 964 
  4. 30 hr. Behind the wheel log 
  5. ITTD Certificate
  6. VOE

Failure to submit docs 2 weeks before test date indicates that you do not have a reserved test.

Failure to get a contract from Elite indicates that you do not have a reserved testing date. 

Schedule a DRIVING TEST TODAY with Payment, doc submission & contract from Elite! (1 fee=1 test)

**New Service: 30 minute Driving Test Prep for $75 on same day as Test**

All Teens meeting these requirements can take ROAD TEST with Elite:

  1. Have a valid Learner license / Permit
  2. Finished Teen Drivers Ed Course at any driving school or Parent Taught. (32/14/30) 
  3. Have a green DE 964 or PT Certificate with classroom & In Car Completion Date for license / DPS Copy
  4. Completed 30 hours of Parent BTW (print & sign log)
  5. Age 16 and up
  6. 6 month Permit hold has expired (date on back of permit)
  7. Complete DPS required "ITTD 2 hour course" and receive a certificate
  8. Have a VOE from High School or age 18 or older

  1. Schedule driving test with little wait.
  2. Use driving school vehicle for driving test 
  3. Convenient location in Humble, Texas. 
  4. Comfortable waiting area for Teens / Adults and Parents 
  5. Safe to drop Teen / Adult off to wait for Driving Test without Parent
  6. Easy to speak with Elite Rep. regarding driving test eligibility.
  7. Receive contract before test date and piece of mind that all paperwork is correct for testing. 

Adult Road Test Application

  1. Application & Payment 
  2. TX Driver License with Restriction (permit)
  3. Completed the 6 hour class and received ADE1317 (COPY NOT NECESSARY) 
  4. ITYD or ITAD Certificate - 1 Hour video (

Must get a contract from Elite that indicates reserved testing date. 

Teen Road Test Application

Elite Driving School

Professional Drivers education



  Teen Drivers Ed $375

    *32 Class Hrs

    *14 Car Hrs / S2D $16.99

    *30 BTW


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