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Drivers License  

​​Learner License  

Upload Docs Here! Permit, readiness packet or road test forms. 

Take Defensive Driving with Elite Driving School. We offer defensive driving / driving safety on one Saturday per month.

  • Price: $50

  • Time: 10am - 2pm

  • Call 281-446-2608 for the Defensive Driving Schedule

8 Hours Private Practice Package:
  • Four Driving Lessons with Elite Vehicle and Instructor 
  • 2 Hours per Lesson
  • Price: $450

Did you know...

Guys are more likely than girls to be involved in a fatal crash.

Defensive Driving Lessons 

Adult 6 hour drivers ed course

June 10, 2017

10am - 4pm
June 24, 201710am - 4pm
July 8, 201710am - 4pm
July 22, 201710am - 4pm

2 Hour Private Lesson: 
  • 1 Driving Lesson with Elite Vehicle and Instructor
  • Price: $120

Adult 6 hour Class and ADE1317 Certificate - - $100

In Car Driving Lessons / 4 session package - - $450

Purchase 6 hour ADE course and two 2hour driving lessons for $300. This package offers a $40 savings when Adults purchase this package before attending the 6 hour class. After the 6hour class, adults will go to DPS and get their learner license and then come back to Elite to complete the two driving lessons for two hours each.

Adult Neo Package  - - $300

Everyone under the age of 25 must take some type of Drivers Ed Course to drive in Texas. Adults ages 18-24 must take a 6 hour course. Elite Driving School offers the Six hour adult drivers ed course to ages 18-24 and up. The ADE 6 hour course is offered twice a month on Saturday's from 10am to 4pm.

In Car Driving Lessons - - $120

DPS Approved Driving Skills Test    $155      

Adult Drivers Ed Courses

Schedule your private lesson by paying the purchase price via paypal and emailing your Texas Learner License and 3 possible driving session dates and times to elitedriversed.com. 

CPR & First Aid

Get CPR certified today with Elite. Whether your field is child care, foster parent, health care, or education we can assist you in learning CPR, First Aid and AED for an affordable price. read more

Elite Driving School

Professional Drivers education



Teen Drivers Ed

Elite provides a nurturing, safe and convenient driver’s ed program for Teens. We teach Teens of different ages, backgrounds, and academic abilities.    Course Dates  Apply&Pay

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