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Get CPR certified today with Elite. Whether your field is child care, foster parent, health care, or education we can assist you in learning CPR, First Aid and AED for an affordable price. read more

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Professional Drivers education

Please excuse our Office Closure during September & October of 2016, we look forward to assisting you in November of 2016.

For emergency situations requiring assistance during office closure please pay the After hours fee on the Apply and Pay page, complete an application & you will be contacted.


Teen Drivers Ed

Elite's goal is to provide a nurturing, safe and convenient driver’s ed program for Teens. We teach Teens of different ages, diverse backgrounds, and varied academic abilities.       Read More Course Dates  Apply&Pay

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Did you Know...

Texting while driving is like driving drunk and multiplies your risk of an accident  23x! 

Driving Fact:

Texting while driving takes your eyes off road for 5 seconds ... like driving a football field blind folded.

A gift from our family to yours!

Pay in full for your November 7th - 28th Teen Drivers Ed Course and get $25 off. Your course will be $350 instead of $375. Simply click the link below and pay your fee, then complete the application on the Apply & Pay page using the same email address. Only 20 seats remain

Adult Drivers Ed

The ticket is not the end of your life. Get your driving record cleared with a court approved defensive driving course, Get your insurance lowered with this course as well. learn more

Texas requires every person under age 25 to take a driving course. Ages 18 - 24 must take the 6 hour course.  learn more

Elite Students & Class

Our Instructors provide hands on instruction. We teach Teens regardless of their current driving experience. We specialize in Teen Drivers Ed and licensing in Humble. 
                                        learn more

Elite Vehicles are equipped with the latest technology in driving instruction. You can also utilize our road test service in Humble to take your DPS Driving Test.  learn more

Elite offers Teen Drivers Ed, Adult Drivers Ed and Road Test services in Humble. Ages 14 to 24 must take a driving course to receive a Texas Drivers License. learn more

Defensive Driving & Driving Safety 

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Teen Drivers Ed And Licensing in Humble